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Mar 12, 2002
DOes anybody know where to buy one and at what price - PS I'm looking for the smaller one. I used to own a bigger one.

Thanks in advance.


I bought a mini pro Lenspen from one of the shops at peninsular plaza for $8. I think it's the smaller version of the lenspen. The shop is along the same row as cathay photo.

I'm using lens tissue right now coz it seems after 2 weeks of use with the cleaning tip during my australia trip, when i try to clean the lens now, it's doesn't seem to be as efficient and effective. Maybe i'm not using it properly, but it's just some feedback on my experience with it.

Hope it helps. :)

Just a guess, I remember that before using it, you need to rotate the cap abit.

This is because a sponge containing some liquid, inside the cap needs to be applied to the cleaning tip of the pen.

Maybe you could try that ?

Anyway, thanks for your reply.

Yeap, I did read the instructions and have been giving the cap a twist, it was good initially but after some time it didn't seem to have much effect.

Think the lenspen was cleaning too much sea spray from the gold coast every day till it probably died on me :dunno:

Thanks for the tip and hope it works fine for you.

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