Lantern festival gal (b&w)

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Jan 17, 2002

Taken during the lantern festival recently. Her father was enthuastic in getting her daughter on photo, as he thought i was from the papers covering the lantern festival event at secondary sch(can't remember, was it Tanglin tech?) off commonwealth mrt station.

Camera: Nikon FE-10
Exposure: 1 secs
Film: T-max 100

Thanx guys for ur kind comments...if u look closer....maybe u all can notice its slightly blur....hehe.
I dun do touch ups for my works on photoshop...coz im a ps idiot!! Haahaha

Taken without tripod, squatting. Stress...

Originally posted by Flare
Don't squat loh... Either sit cross legged with elbows on your knees or kneel with elbow on knee...

I was kneeling with elbows on knees...or locking my elbows between my knees.....i think not bad liao...the exposure was so

The floor was full of candle wax and wet footprints (from the muddy field)

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