Just asking for some info about this battery charger

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Jan 29, 2007
I stumbled upon this charger call LA CROSSE BC-900 Battery Charger in Amazon.com. Anyone using this charger in clubsnap? How do you find it? And where to buy this charger locally? First time heard of La Crosse brand. I have many "deactived" AA nimh batteries laying around that I have not use for months, I am not able to get them "fully charged" on normal chargers (Maha 204, Sony charger and GP ones). I have decharged them fully and recharged them, but the performance is still crap. Looking out for LA CROSSE BC-900 to "stimulate" my 20 over AA batteries. Anyone came acroos this charger anywhere in local shops? Thank you.

wow! didn't know eastgear carry lacrosse products. Many thanks weeguy :)

I have this charger. Can be bought from Eastgear around $100. I believe the charger doesn't do miracles on very used batteries.

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