Fuji disposable U/W camera

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Feb 12, 2002
Singapore & Hong Kong
Used this camera for my recent Sipadan trip.

The camera comes in a nice bluish plastic casing with a rubber band cord for attaching to your hand. It uses ASA800 film and is good for 27 shots. No flash in this camera, thought it will be good to have on that I can on/off, depending on the water condition.

The photos were surpisingly sharp but as the lighting condition and the depth when the pix was taken makes the overpicture, greenish to bluish.

When using it u/w, I can only frame about 70 % of the photo to be taken. This is due to the mask that created some distance between my eyes and the view finder. It has a focus distance of about 1 - 3 m, but I have yet to get my orientation right about distance. So, whatever that fills the viewfinder - snap.

Brought the camera to a max depth of about 30m, althought it is rated for only 5m !! No leaks but it jamed as the water pressure bends the casing. A quick ascend to about 25m solves it and was happy snapping away. Did 4 dives with this camera, but on the 4th dive, I can see stress lines on the plastic casing. Perhaps I have pushed it to the stress point and the next dive could flood it. So I finished the last frame for the sake and get to dive the next dive without any extra load.

The camera cost me S$22 (about US$12). Still, I'd like to have a digital so that I can get instant results while U/W. But no complain for a humble price to pay......

r u serious that it survived the 30m depth?

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