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Apr 24, 2005

Hi, a very warm welcome to my thread, i am Shawn, currently been in photography and videography for 5years.

Would be touching on TFCDs this year to expand my portfolio greatly, main reason?

Well,been asking myself what i want from photography now, and just found out my answer of creating a good portfolio for the future. Hence i welcome new models, models, new photographer and also photographers to join me~

For models and people who want to have their youths retained, i am providing photography series of different nature to suit your needs and personality.

For photographer and people who wants to create a photography portfolio, i do know the hard times when you started off, i experience it before. I do provide TFCDs and paid jobs for you.

Visit me at :cool:
Contact me at ;)

Budget Photography

Hi all,

I am Shawn, currently offering my photography services to everyone in the world, i command at very budget friendly rates:) *Do email me for more details* I understand that budget is keeping everything low-cost is important, hence i believe that my service would help you.

Do email me at for more details for example: Portfolio, The Exciting Low Rates and My Little 5 Years Experience in the industry.

Model? Photographer? MUA? Or Simply Want Your Portfolio(TFCDs) Done? *Click Here*

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