Cheapo negative scanning technique!!

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Jan 18, 2002
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Today collected my photo taken at JBP. had them developed at Color Labs and i must say the photo r nice and sharp! wanted to scan with my flatbed and found out that the driver doesn't work with Win XP!! *pissed* tried downloading the driver but unable to connect to the ftp site! *more pissed*
so being pissed and bored, i decided to play with my newly bought cheapo 8x loupe($15) and view negative (i haven't shot slides yet). No lightbox so tried using the flourescent lamps which seems to work fine! A thought rushed to my mind. why dun i shoot the negative and invert it since I had tried scanning negative with my old flatbed which turn out to be a failure. So decided to give this method a shot!
i dunno if this method is new? or am i juz being slow??
i believe this method can also be used for digitizing slides..
anyway, here goes!

1) Lightbox
2) Loupe
3) Digital camera
4) Photoshop with PhotoOptic plug-in (download frm net)

1) Place the negative over the light.
2) Place the loupe over the negative u want
3) Take a digital camera (A20 in my case) and use the macro mode. Can even zoom in and out although wide will have vignetting due to the loupe.
4) SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5) Open Photoshop and import the pic.
6) Goto Filter, PhotoOptic and choose CSI Negative.
7) Adjust the color to your liking.
8) Click OK and VIOLA!!!!!

my "lightbox" cum fan cum radio cum torch!! :D

Viewing the negative.

The negative (zoom in to the head) downsized to 320x280

VIOLA! Some tweaks... Actual print is sharper...

However, there's still room for improvement as to the image sharpness. Juz play around with the PS. u'll get it!!!!

hope this helps!

do you have the url for the photooptic plug in?

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