canon lens 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM at 550 genuine?

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Jul 4, 2008
Hello guys, I am looking forward to buy a 28-135 mm lens for general photography (beginner). As i read from forums and friends advice, never on lucky plaza. But it so happened i passed by lucky plasa yesterday so i just tried to inquire on their prices. (dont have intention to buy from them). From the 1st store, they said $920, i moved to the 2nd store, they said $750. and to the 3rd store, they said $750. Then i tried to asked their best price they lowered to $650. Since i know im not going to buy from them, i just told him, okay i will come back. immediately, he replied If you come back, i will give you at $550. I was thinking this is quite low compared to the real lens price from canon. Is there posibility that the lens in not genuine?

hmmm... given that the street price at CP is around 690... i would say.... it is weird...

maybe it's a grey set? ask if they are giving in the warranty and stuff bahz..

550 is a bit low - perhaps it is a grey unit that has been on the shelf for a few years. Or even a very good second hand unit that comes with all documentation, boxes etc.

tnx, i wont get back there. I hate vendors giving high price initially then eventually lowering it down. I prefer on stores with fixed price.


Just for your info with regards to my experience when i enquire the flash unit 580 at harvey norman funan last sunday
the small size sales person quote me S$869 ans said the S$ is fixed
when i turn my head away after telling him alan photo quote S$730
immediately he requote S$713.__ and comment small shop is no good

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