Canon Hot Shoe Cover for 400D

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Jun 16, 2008
hi, very new to this forum

wanna ask how much does a hot shoe cover cost for 400D? i heard that if the contact point touches water, the hot shoe will be damaged.

thanks in advance

Can't seem to find official Canon hot shoe covers, but Nikon has them. Probably less than $5 for one. Fits Canon cameras.

Why are you getting water onto your camera anyway :p

I think it might be good for those that don't use external flashes, but extremely lei cheh for those that do.

And if you can find one that claims to fit a hotshoe, just buy it. Most hotshoes have a uniform shape/size/measurement.

oh. hahaha. ok shall go buy them tml. hahaha. i am afraid a tiny drop of water might spoil it. better be more careful

thanks for all the above replies

1 more quick question. is it worth topping up $150 more for the IS Kit lens for 400D? i am using the 18 - 55mm kit lens. will be traveling. might not be able to bring any tripod along. so the IS might help a little?

Just use gaffar tape lor. If got moisture trapped under the hotshoe cover still can get short circuit, unless you can find a water proof shoe cover.

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