Canon 135L Open Wide Sample?

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Dec 9, 2005
Hi Bros,

I am planning to get this lens but, before I get this lens I would like to see sample bokeh from above lens...
currently I have 70-200 f/4, and I want to compare the bokeh...

Please share the photo with half or full body... open wide at f/2 either in Crop or FF camera.

Thank you!



1D mk3
1/250 at f/2.0 ISO 1600

I hope this example will help you make up your mind :)

You will be astonished how sharp it is wide open when the focus is spot on.

this lens is well known for the bokeh man

Cannot go wrong with this lens. Don't have any examples off hand, but it is a joy to handle, use and the image quality is amazing.

Thank you Vector1, m3lv1nh0, HydroPoP, Redsun, calebk for the response.

Vector1, very nice photo you have there!!


Dancers perform an Apsara Dance for tourists at a restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia (1/250s f/2 iso 500, EOS 5D)


A novice monk chants during a prayer session at a temple in Luang Prabang, Laos (1/13s f/2 iso 1000, EOS 5D)

Wow... look at the bokeh! vibrant colour too... :D

Thanks for sharing Bro oeyvind.

Just some portrait samples of this wonderful lens that i wanna share with you:
At f4.0 full body.. you can achieve this:

At f2.8 close up..

At f2.8 full body

Usually i dun shoot full body at f2.0 so this one maybe helps:
At f2.0 half body

just for reference.. you'll love this lens

Light and very fast focusing speed. One of my favorite and best buys. Go for it!

Close up shot from quite some time back. ISO1600 F2


wow, this thread is full of bbb viruses. This is an excellent lens, but for APS-C sensor users, you got to stand pretty far in a group shoot. By which time, all those with an ultra wide angle would be standing very near or sitting on the model's lap as they shoot her face.

So, this lens may not be for mass orgy shoots. (pun intended). :bsmilie:

You should see this lens on full frame.

I never liked prime lenses (with the exception of my EF-S 60 macro.. yes I know it is not FF, but that is a story for another time), until I came across this superb gem.

Be careful. You may have heard about the Trinity: the 35L, 85L, 135L. Once you start with the most affordable (135L) you will eventually acquire the whole lot.

The 35L is another beautiful lens that I've come to own and love as well. Most primes are really 'whatever' in my opinion.. but the Trinity is truly something SPECIAL. It's a very slippery slope to start down :D

Started with 135L among the trinity and now slowly collected all three.. year by year by year.. ^^

most of these taken 2 to 3 years back with 135L..



This fann wong shot confirm f2.0 ..



Generally for this lens I won't hestitate to open up wide when there's a need to, the contrast & sharpness is still very good even at f2.

beli 135 sih kagak usa pake mikir chan! SIKAT!

Waahh.. soooo many nice photos here... It makes me want to BBB!! :D

Thank you for all Bros... really appreciate it!

Bro Flipfreak, amazing photo you have there...:thumbsup:

This is an amazingly sharp lens, and the bokeh is superb. Below image is taken indoor with 30D, natural light @ISO400, no post process.


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