2 Butterflies & a Kingfisher

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Apr 23, 2002
hi folks, have been busy lately and ain't shooting as much as in the past month. Here are some of the few additions to my gallery. Comments and critique very welcome, as usual! :)

Two butt shots, I quite like these two coz of the floral element, tho they are not the sharpest...



and two not-so-macro shots, caught by chance at AH...our feathery friend (which zenon caught the last time too)



I like the composition of the first shot. Also very good attempts on the kingfisher.

Hehehehe... expanding the coverage of your subjects already?
Your butt shots are getting better!
What time are you usually at AH? Might pop by someday.

Thot u have hide somewhere to pupate. :D

The kf is giving a distasteful look. :p

thanks folks!! the kf was caught purely by chance, me didn't visit AH with the intention to shoot kfs...;)...and yah, macross, it was giving me a look of distaste, machiam telling me: "Bugger off human, these butterflies are MINE MINE MINE.." :D

crysania...me got no fixed timing at AH wan...ask Macross ;) we've met at all kinds of weird timings at AH...but now that I've switched job and not so near AH anymore...may have to limit my outings to AH to only weekends...*sob sob* :cry:

KF looks like residence birds . Always there , If you move quietly ,Can take closeup and personnel with the KF.


i could only say :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ......................................................... :thumbsup:

Beautiful shots....


Nice shots. Good captured on the kingfisher. Like the #3 best.

very nice shots i like 2 & 3 the most. may i know what camera and lens u use for these shots? also, does AH mean Alexandra Hospital?


Hi Zookeeper,

I like the first KF shot. Sharp and detailed and good composition. Good capture there. :thumbsup:

Good series, keep it up.

stonely0: Yes AH refers to Alexandra Hospital, namely the Butterfly Trail there where these shots were taken. Its located in the hospital grounds.

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