1. ottopilot

    Will Sony adapter LAEA3 fit onto a Sony a6500 in a SmallRig cage?

    Looking to get a SmallRig cage for my a6500. I'm a user of the Sony LA-EA3 adapter and the Metabones MB_NFG-E-BM1 adapter. Does anyone know if the Smallrig cage will affect the mounting of the lens adapters?
  2. crunchiumo

    Selling sony e-mount lenses and a6300

    Lenses for sale all in pristine condition kept in dry box comes with box and receipt. sony 18-105mm oss f4 $600 sony 50mm f1.8 oss $250 rokinon(samyang) 12mm f2 $350 sigma 30mm f1.4 $350 sigma 18-35mm f1.8 + MC-11 EF-e $950 sony a6300 $1050 will include 3 batteries also selling JB camera...