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    18 May 2019 Bridal Shoot

    Bridal photoshoot Outdoor Bridal photoshoot, Time : 430pm 430pm - Gather and short brief of the photoshoot process 5pm - first location shoot, rotation shoot 540pm - second location shoot 6.10pm - Break for 10mins 6.20pm - Last location - 7pm . End of shoot During each location i will...
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    4/5 May 2019 Abbie Singapore Tour

    Highly sought after professional model from Taiwan , as usual we bring in only season and good model from taiwan of courses they are Pretty too . Session available 4 May 2019 Sess 4A Time : 9-1130am, City fashion 2 Hr $100/px Session 4B Time : 7pm -9.30pm , Night fashion 2 Hr $100/px 5...