1. ashleylowphotography

    Newborn Photography Workshop with Ashley Low on 14th April 2019!

    Calling out all aspiring Newborn Photographers! Learn everything there is to know about newborn posing in this workshop with Ashley Low, an award winning Master Photographer, who has specialised in newborns and baby for 7 years. The workshop will focus on how to prepare for a newborn shoot...
  2. M

    < < MODELinn American Supermodel Shoots 1st Jan > >

    Hi everybody, I will be organising some fashion style group photography sessions, featuring American Supermodel, Sloane, on 1st Jan. Do register with MODELinn now if dun want to miss it. Details 1 Jan 8.30am - 10.45am (Outdoor Fashion) $99 4.45pm - 7pm (Outdoor Sunset Fashion) $105...