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    $80/photo Interior Photography Service

    Hi guys! I'll be providing my interior photography service. I charge based on per-photo. Which means you only pay for the photos and not the hours. e.g shoot took a total of 5 hours, but you've decided on only 3 photos. $80 x 3 photos = $240 Portfolio...
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    Hello Following studies about photography. For my teacher I must do a portfolio. Could you please give me a very good title of a book to succeed because for me it's very difficult to understand the book of the teacher without explanations. Thanks a lot Have a good day
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    MODELinn's 15th April Supermodel Shoot: Iryna

    Hi everybody, I will be organising some fashion style group photography sessions, featuring European Supermodel, Iryna, on 14th & 15th Apr . Do register with MODELinn now if dun want to miss it. Details 14 Apr (Sat) ‎ 8.30am - 10.45am (Outdoor Fashion) $96 8pm - 10.15pm (Outdoor Night...