1. H

    Professional Photo Editing, Photoshop + Lightroom

    Hi, Thank you for visiting my thread I do professional photo editing using latest Adobe CC softwares Mass photo editing: $50/200images (Basic color correction and exposure) Photoshop: $5/face (for clean up and touch up) $2/image (basic touch up, min 5 images) Do pm me or Whatsapp me at...
  2. Pilot Photographer

    Luminar vs Lightroom

    I'm currently using Photoshop and Elements. Actually not so much of Elements any more. I was told I need to start using Lightroom because you can catalog your images and keep things organized. I was reading this article that...
  3. M

    NEW plugin for lightroom

    Lightroom fans, it’s finally here! Now you can upload your latest image edits directly to pCloud and share them on the go with our new export plugin for Lightroom. pCloud’s plugin for Lightroom is available for Windows and MacOS. It takes advantage of Lightroom’s export interface to make it...