1. bestxian

    Rawa Island [Film by Samsung Note 10+]

    Hi everyone, I love videography and travel very much! During this Deepavali holiday, I travelled to Rawa Island, A beautiful place to chill at Johor Bahru. I wasn't carrying any video equipment, so I just using Samsung Note 10+ to take some videos and photos, and I am quite satisfied with the...
  2. fongwk8

    日本の休日 The Japanese Vacation

    [vid] The film was shot entirely with the Sony A7ii 16-35 mm GM stabilised on the DJI Ronin S. My first attempt using the A7ii and the Ronin S to film. The following places were covered in the clip: 1) Tokyo 2) Kamakura 3) Kawaguchiko 4) Kyoto 5) Nara 6) Miyajima