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  1. K

    Looking for photography services for baby

    Hi there, we wish to engage a photographer to take some nice photos of our newborn baby (coming to 2 weeks old). It would be more convenient if the photoshoot could be done at our place in Braddell, but we can bring the baby out to have an indoor shoot depending on your preference. Our budget is...
  2. ashleylowphotography

    Newborn Photography Workshop with Ashley Low on 14th April 2019!

    Calling out all aspiring Newborn Photographers! Learn everything there is to know about newborn posing in this workshop with Ashley Low, an award winning Master Photographer, who has specialised in newborns and baby for 7 years. The workshop will focus on how to prepare for a newborn shoot...
  3. Patience


    If you like this, please visit my website at Have a great day!
  4. ashleylowphotography

    Newborn Photography with Ashley Low

    NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING WORKSHOP Group (3-6pax): SG$800 each (introductory rate) Friday 1 June 2018, 9am - 6pm ABOUT ASHLEY LOW: As the founder of Ashley Low Photography, Ashley’s studio specializes in capturing the key moments of a family’s journey from pregnancy, to newborn, to babies up...
  5. B

    Lastolite Baby Poser selling Half Price: $100

    The Lastolite Baby Poser is a multi-positional, modular system that can be assembled into a variety of shapes, for various poses and subject sizes. Watch this video on how the poser can be used in different configurations to pose babies in the first year: Hardy used, but it has a few marks...