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    WTSell: DSLR - Nikon Nikon D750 + Lens

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: DSLR Brand: Nikon Short Description: Nikon D750 + Lens Price (S$): 5500 Condition of Item(s): 9 Detailed Description: Body Nikon D750 - $1200 Lens Nikon 20 mm F1.8 - $750 Nikon 50mm F1.4 - $350 Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 - $1200 Nikon 70-200mm...
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    Where can I buy the z50 kit 16-50mm?

    Hello all, can someone recommend me a trust worthy shop to buy? Preferably a good price too. Thanks!
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    WTSell: Lens - Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 Non-VR

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Lens Brand: Nikon Short Description: 24-70mm F2.8 Non-VR Price (S$): 1200 Condition of Item(s): 10 Detailed Description: As good as new. Comes with HOYA filter, does not come with box. Name: Kelvin Phone Number: Images of...
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    Battery Grip for Nikon d700

    Hi all, what is a good battery grip for nikon d700 and approximate cost? I was looking around and someone recommended the mb-d10 but I heard there are some issues with it. Please advise!!
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    CF card for d700

    Hi all, really noob question, hence newbie forum. Just gotten a d700 and looking for a 8GB card. What is recommended? And how much would it cost? Decide to ask the bros before going to the camera shop and kena whack by the salesman.
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    Cleaning camera services

    Where can I get it done and how much will it cost?