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    Nikon closure ?

    Nikon to close entirely up north, handing over all activities to distributors. Will this also happen in Singapore? .
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    D800 Intermittent "Err"

    Recently I am getting intermittent "Err" when shooting the D800 (maybe once in 20 shots). When the "Err" happens, the photo is over-exposed. Observing the shutter mechanism without the lens seem to show the aperture lever intermittently does not drop down fully. Anyone kena this before? Any DIY...
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    D800 firmware 1.11 breaks Sigma lens AF

    I just updated my D800 to firmware 1.11, and it broke the Sigma Art35 lens AF. AF is working fine with Nikon lenses. Anyone kena this problem before? I do not have the Sigma USB dock, if a kind soul is willing to loan me the dock to (or help me) update the Sigma lens firmware, kindly PM me...
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    WTBuy: Accessory - Sigma Looking For Sigma USB Dock (Nikon Mount)

    Classifieds Type: WTBuy Equipment Type: Accessory Brand: Sigma Short Description: Looking For Sigma USB Dock (Nikon Mount) Price (S$): 0 Condition of Item(s): 9 Detailed Description: Looking for Sigma USB dock (Nikon mount). PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks.
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    Nikon D810 terminal cover replacement

    Anyone can advise if the Nikon D810 twin rubber terminal cover is easy to DIY replace? (The one that covers the round remote shutter terminal) Also where to buy at reasonable cost? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tamron Service Center

    Hi folks, The website refers to "Serial I-Tech" but does not provide address nor phone#. Search for Serial I-Tech brings me to Serial Systems corporate webpage. Anyone know where is the Tamron service center and/or contact #?
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    Epson L800

    Any L800 users in this forum? I have a minor reddish color cast issue when printing via CNX2 using supplied icc profile. Anyone with same issue? Any suggested adjustments? TQ.
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    Epson L800

    Anyone using the L800 and had experience also with higher end Stylus Pro, wonder how is the photo print quality of the L800 compared to the higher Stylus models? Was considering the L800 for home prints, and leave the good quality prints to print houses. Looking for feedback / comments ...
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    Toshiba CompactFlash

    Any suggestions who distributes Toshiba Exceria Pro CF cards in Singapore ?
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    Who uses telephoto lenses without protective filter

    Just wondering how many people use their telephoto lenses without protective filter (eg NC filter)?
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    LightZone 4
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    Sigma Op Pro

    Cool stuff Sigma Optimization Pro and USB Dock Demo on Vimeo Costs S$57 in Japan
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    Sigma USB lens device

    Just wondering if & when the Sigma lens USB device is going to be out?
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    Correcting distortion.

    Took a large group shot indoor @ 24mm using the Nikkor 24-70. The distortion of the people standing at left & right edges of the frame is quite bad. I tried CNX2 to correct, but made it worse (distorted head). I don't use PS. Any good PP software to recommend (that is not too ex)?
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    Poll: How often do you use your UWA lens

    I am having second thoughts about getting a UWA. Main concern is that the lens may be under utilized, and my 24-70 is good enough at the 24mm end to cover my occasional landscape shots. So I am going to throw this poll to hobbyist & advance amateurs -- if you own a UWA lens [<24mm in my...
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    Viewfinder cleaning

    Did a search here but didn't find any past post...anyone has suggestions on how best to clean the viewfinder (without using blower)? I want to avoid blowing dust to the sensor. I have tried cotton bud lightly wet with lens cleaning fluid, but I cannot reach the far corner without touching...
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    NEFcodec on Vista64

    Suddenly I lost the ability to view NEF thumbnail in Vista64 Windows Explorer. Reinstalled NEFcodec twice, still doesn't work. (downloaded latest version) Any ideas? (VNX2 works).
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    Feedback request: tamron 70-300 vc on d800

    Hi, anyone used the Tamron 70-300 VC on d800/e? Appreciate hearing your experiences, pro & cons... Thanks
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    D800 storage speed

    Content wise there should be no diff between uncompressed RAW vs. compressed lossless RAW. So which has better throughput? 1. Dumping 75MB/s per shot, or 2. Compress then dump ~45MB/s Anyone tested ?
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    D800 sensor cleaning

    Just discovered over the weekend that my month old sensor kena the dreaded oil spots (I think more than 12 spots all over). Wanted to check with fellow D800 users: a) how many shots before the oil spots stop forming? (mine is approaching 2600) b) does NSC charge if the D800 is sent in for...